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Thousands of users rely on assistive technologies

Posted by Equalweb on Oct 10, 2021 8:58:07 AM

Do you want to make your website more accessible?

Thousands of users rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers to access digital content. These #technologies are of no use if websites do not add alt text to their images. You can provide alt-text to images directly through your EqualWeb dashboard. 

In this day and age, it’s crucial that all users have equal access to digital content. If websites don’t add alt text to their images, then screen readers can be of no use. You can provide alt-text for images directly through your EqualWeb dashboard! We even offer a free trial so you can see how easy it is. 

Don’t let the lack of accessibility hold back your business from reaching its full potential

Sign up for a free trial today and get started on providing alt text to your images in minutes. It will take less than 5 minutes and we guarantee you won't regret it. Let us help you reach more customers with our simple solution. 

Click here now to sign up for your free trial of EqualWeb!

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