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The Irreplaceability of Web Accessibility Experts

Posted by Equalweb on May 23, 2023 8:01:37 AM

Yesterday we discussed the huge benefits of AI-powered technology. And while everything of what we wrote is true, today we want to direct your attention to the absolute necessity of web accessibility experts.

Why are web accessibility experts important?

As a rule of thumb, while advanced automatic solutions are great at scaling the digital remediation process, they cannot fix all web accessibility issues. AI can improve web accessibility, yes, but ensuring inclusivity and compliance requires much more than that.

For starters, a website should be continuously tested and refined to address the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Naturally, websites change, transform, update, and expand. Content is added, new technology is introduced, and AI cannot capture all accessibility errors, especially if it does not adapt to new changes. But more fundamentally, there are a multitude of elements that require human management.

For instance, AI cannot fix inaccessible buttons that link to new pages. Moreover, it cannot ensure that Alt Text on non-textual elements represents the content accurately. Only a human can look at the image, for instance, and decide whether the descriptive content is accurate (for more on this issue visit our blog post here).

Furthermore, AI technology, no matter how robust and powerful, cannot do any of the following:

  • Provide legal consulting
  • Provide accessibility training and guidance
  • Provide support in maintenance and website optimization
  • Review audits
  • Update itself
  • Help navigate the regulatory environment

For this you need a team of professional and experienced web accessibility experts.

What the experts do

Web accessibility experts possess extensive knowledge of accessibility guidelines and best practices, allowing them to identify barriers and recommend solutions. These experts conduct evaluations and audits of websites, providing detailed reports and guidance for improvement.

They possess technical expertise in using assistive technologies and can train web development teams on accessibility requirements. Staying updated with evolving guidelines, they help organizations comply with legal regulations and advise on emerging trends.

Accessibility experts ensure continuous improvement by collaborating with teams, monitoring implementation, and conducting periodic evaluations. Their involvement helps organizations create inclusive digital environments that cater to users of all abilities.

EqualWeb’s specialists

Our experts are CPACC-certified and have vast knowledge and experience in the web accessibility field. CPACC stands for Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies, which represents broad, cross-disciplinary conceptual knowledge about 1) disabilities, 2) accessibility and universal design, and 3) accessibility-related standards, laws, and management strategies.

The CPACC credential is granted by the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) and is a stamp of approval for EqualWeb’s accessibility specialists. You can learn more about the certificate here.

The EqualWeb in-house remediation

Once you have your Auto AI Accessibility Widget installed on your website, the EqualWeb accessibility experts come in and do the rest, using a highly efficient and scalable apparatus to fix the remaining accessibility issues.

Our experts manually scan your website for errors as well as use our powerful Monitor enhancement tool for auditing any accessibility errors that exist on the website. After repeated scanning and thoroughly checking your website, the EqualWeb team elevates your website, finetuning it according to the highest and latest international web accessibility standards and guidelines.

This service is part of our ADA Managed Compliance plan and can be tailored to every business’s particular requirement.

To hear more about this plan, contact our experts—no strings attached.

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