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EqualWeb's Innovative WCAG Monitoring & Scanning Solution

Posted by Equalweb on Oct 10, 2021 8:56:48 AM

EqualWeb's Monitoring Technology

EqualWeb’s monitoring technology is the most robust and thorough accessibility service one can find in the market today. Our monitoring system can scan up to thousands (and many more) pages to detect all accessibility errors and issue a detailed report with clear remediation guidelines on how to fix them.

With the EqualWeb WCAG Monitoring Scan, you get to:

  • Monitor your website in real-time and receive your detailed accessibility report.
  • Remediate your website according to clear and simple guidelines.
  • Schedule your scans to monitor any design or content changes on your website.
  • Follow the changing guidelines and receive the best practices when it comes to accessibility.

Highly Effective Monitoring

Our monitoring tool can give you results within minutes regarding your website’s accessibility. The monitoring’s clear and detailed remediation report then guides you on how to fix any issues that might be hampering your users’ navigation and browsing experience on your website.


Prioritize Fixing

The monitoring tool can pinpoint the page, location, and compliance violation, providing the relevant codes to fix these issues. You can do this by yourself of course, as we slowly guide you through the violations that are easier to fix. We do everything we can so that the remediation process is easy to understand and also provide you with technical support.

However, most organizations choose us to remediate their site in order to receive the full and best accessibility services—and peace of mind.


Remain Accessible with EqualWeb

After you make sure that your website is accessible to all users, it is very important to observe and check the progress and quality over time and keep it under systematic review.

Our real-time monitoring is especially useful for sites that are updated regularly—changing or adding new templates, adding new components or/and scripts, adding third-party components, connecting to external software or widgets, or changing the site design, etc.—as it detects any violations and reduces the chances of legal claims and litigation.


Accessibility Standards

As the World Wide Web continues to evolve, so do the accessibility guiding principles. Our WCAG 2.1 Monitor integrates any new updates and guidelines to deliver the best and latest remediation standards.

The monitoring tool tracks the latest WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria to ensure coverage of learning, neurological, auditory, physical, visual, cognitive, speech, and any language disabilities.

After you fix the accessibility issues and complete the remedial process for your website, you can be at ease for achieving the required level of compliance and guaranteeing a more accessible experience for users with disabilities.

Additionally, EqualWeb WCAG 2.1 Monitor works seamlessly with our accessibility AI ToolBar. Our advanced interface can detect accessibility issues on widgets from other providers as well. For reference, feel free to view EqualWeb’s accessibility report here.

After using EqualWeb’s WCAG 2.1 Monitor for your digital assets, you can be assured that you have created a website that meets the accessibility standards worldwide!

Start monitoring now or reach out to us to learn more.


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