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Fnac levels up its website with EqualWeb

Posted by Equalweb on Aug 1, 2023 8:45:43 AM

From now on, users can access accessibility functions like Voice Navigation, Color Adjustments, and Image Descriptors, among others. The Fnac website is now more accessible for users with different types of disabilities, including seniors.

Madrid, June 20, 2023. Fnac, the leading brand in culture and technology, shows its commitment to accessibility with its partnership with EqualWeb, a software technological company that helps facilitate the online browsing experience for people with disabilities.

To access the new features from cell phones and computers, EqualWeb’s Auto AI Accessibility Widget allows users to click on the button representing the International Symbol of Accessibility. The icon can be found in the header in the mobile version or in the top right corner of the web page in the desktop version. 

Once the EqualWeb widget is activated by pressing the button, the user can reach a menu with different functions to customize the website and make it more accessible. The widget allows activating several accessibility profiles, such as “Blindness,” “Motor Skills Disorders,” “Color blindness,” “Visual impairment,” “Epilepsy,” “Learning,” and even an option for the elderly that shows the content in a more readable way.

These profiles automatically select several accessibility functions that remediate the content and various web elements on www.fnac.es. For example, the Voice Navigation function enables the text on the website to be read aloud. Another feature is the Keyboard or Smart Navigation function, enabling users to navigate the web pages from the keyboard without using the mouse, thus optimizing their user experience.

Fnac has also included a Custom Color function that allows users to change colors and adjust the background tone, headers, and web content. Similarly, the Monochrome mode which converts the website’s colors to black and white can be automatically activated. In addition, you can choose between light mode (white background with dark fonts) or dark mode (black background with bright fonts).

EqualWeb not only allows you to adjust the site’s colors but also the web font so that you can increase or decrease the font size. Among the rest of the tools, an image descriptor and a flicker blocker that allows you to stop the flashing of moving elements are available.

The above text is a press release issued originally by Fnac in Spanish on June 20, 2023, translated by EqualWeb with permission.


About Fnac

Fnac is Europe’s leading distributor of technological and cultural products and is a unique example of an alliance between commerce, culture, and technology. Literature, music, cinema, video games, image, sound, new technologies, and products for the kitchen, home, and personal care, converge in a place of purchase, advice, discovery, and meeting.

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