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AI Is Your Friend

Posted by Equalweb on May 22, 2023 7:27:23 AM

Happy Monday everyone.

This week we are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) marked on May 25. In honor of the occasion, we are posting every day until Thursday about one important aspect of web accessibility.

Today we want to launch the reminder that AI is man’s best friend. Of course, we have no intention to dislodge dogs from first place; who in their right mind would want that? Not us. But let us tell you, AI comes in a close second.

We are aware that this is a heated topic right now, but at least from the angle of accessibility and inclusion, observe how effectively AI-powered solutions can improve the online browsing experience of people living with disabilities.

Before AI technology, web accessibility required the time, energy, and resources of many organizations for nigh endless coding and designing, which did not even amount to the successful fixing of all problems. Programmers are only human, after all. And as you may know, inaccessible issues on a webpage, even relatively small ones, could trigger a discriminatory-related lawsuit.

Hence the cost of reaching web accessibility and achieving web accessibility was not mutually exclusive before AI. Now, however, with the existing technology of AI, web accessibility can be approached from the angle of scalability. This does not mean that all web accessibility requirements can be filled with AI, but they CAN be widely answered, leaving just the border cases for extra manual work.

Here are some of the web accessibility areas where AI can help, to name a few: automated transcription and captioning, screen readers and text-to-speech, image recognition and Alt Text generation, semantic structure analysis, smart forms and autocomplete, personalized interfaces, language translation, and content summarization.

EqualWeb offers the most reliable and robust AI-powered technology for web accessibility solutions, along with complementary services and advanced monitoring tools.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility Remediation page.

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