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6 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Website Accessible—Ultimate Guide

Posted by Equalweb on Jun 30, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Let’s reverse this one for a change, and start with the least obvious answers.


1. SEO

Introducing web accessibility tools on your website will help it rank higher on Google’s search engine. Yes, we know, pretty cool, right? If you’re looking for a comprehensive explanation of how exactly this mechanism works, do check our Accessibility Secrets: Get Higher Website Ranking blog post on the subject.

But in short, the more accessible your website is, the easier it will be for Google’s Web crawlers (or spiderbots) to catalog your content and index it higher in the search engine. Accessibility tools provide functions such as alternative text, clear labelings, dictionary definitions, and easier navigation via the menu, all of which will optimize your site’s rankings.

2. Reputation

We’re getting closer to that stage where those who do not provide accessibility services are sorely missing the trend. If you want to have a professional website in 2021, along with all the latest designs and technological features, you just cannot do without accessibility tools.

Providing your users, some of which have a whole range of impairments, with digital accessibility solutions will enhance the reputation of your organization, as it is no longer customary to exclude the diverse group of people with disabilities.

3. Compliance

Simply put, it’s the law. Meeting accessibility requirements stipulated in the law is not optional, but obligatory. Legislation in many countries compels government agencies, public organizations, and private businesses to make their websites accessible and inclusive to all. And this trend is only growing in stature, as more and more countries are jumping on the accessibility wagon, mounting regulations that specify which accessibility standards Web owners, developers, and designers should adhere to.

This subject in particular can get quite complicated, as you can sift through EqualWeb’s compliance section where we break down each legislation and its requirements.

Please do learn about the type of compliance that you should attain according to the location of your business: for Americans, ADA, Sections 508, and Unruh compliance; for Canadians, AODA and ACA compliance; for Europeans, EN 301 549 and EAA compliance; and for Israelis, IS 5568 compliance.

But if this task is too time-consuming for you, we can give you a tip that conforming your website to WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards would meet most compliance requirements around the world—something that EqualWeb can help you achieve in just one simple click.

4. Engagements

Accessible websites reach out to more users and obtain more engagements. Here’s what the Senior Manager of Lenovo's E-Commerce Business Unit, Hanna Salo, has to say on EqualWeb’s web accessibility product and services: “After enabling EqualWeb on our Lenovo.com websites we’ve had more than 56,000 user activations.”

Estimations on the number of individuals with disabilities in the U.S. vary between 12 to 20 percent. According to American Community Survey (ACS), 20 percent of the world’s population has difficulties accessing and navigating websites, ranging from motor, visual or auditory impairments to epilepsy or aging. If you take into account just the aging sector that wishes to remain engaged with the online world, then you know you have a large group of users that you don’t want to miss out on. More accessibility means more users.

EqualWeb provides fast, simple, and automated and manual technological solutions to your digital assets (apps included), in a cost-effective, knowledgeable, and customer-friendly way that is unmatched by its competitors.

Inaccessible websites lose out. Make your website accessible because it’s worth it.

5. Litigation

This is not the most fun topic to discuss, but lawsuits filed against inaccessible websites are a fact—and the trend is only getting worse.

In 2020, ADA federal lawsuits exceeded the 11,000 mark nationwide, which is more than 30 cases per day. Moreover, this number is actually significantly higher as most inaccessibility claims are settled privately outside the court, though the precise number is unknown.

Normally, a lawyer will send a demand letter to an organization or business for violating ADA compliance. As legislation greatly favors the plaintiff, which we cover in more detail elsewhere, business owners are incentivized to settle the manner as quickly as possible to avoid high attorney fees on top of the chance to lose the cases in court.

In addition, small businesses are getting targeted more often than before, consisting of most of the ADA litigation claims. Private settlements can average as high as $20,000 in some places, and up to $3,500-$7,000 in others. In some cases, that could be a make-or-break case for small businesses.

Achieving full compliance is the safest method to protect yourself from lawsuits. EqualWeb is the only firm today that can assist you in attaining 100 percent Web accessibility compliance, granting you that much-needed peace of mind, and with a cost-effective solution at the same time.

6. Equality

Shouldn’t we strive for an equal society, where equal opportunity is open and accessible to all? We in EqualWeb think so. In fact, it’s our mission. And our world-leading solution for digital accessibility can make it happen.

We are certain that you all care about people with disabilities. They would like to access websites, browse through content, navigate pages in a friendly environment, enjoy services, and purchase products just like anyone else. Adding web accessibility functions to your websites and apps is the right thing to do; no qualms about it.

An equal Web is in the interest of all of us: individuals with disabilities, public organizations, businesses, and society as a whole. A diverse, inclusive, open, empowering, evolving, and cultivating World Wide Web is not merely a dream, it’s our day-to-day tangible and achievable ambition.

Join EqualWeb’s impressive list of clientele (Lenovo, Huggies, Adidas, Bosch, Zara, and many more) and help us on our journey to get there. Make your website accessible today:


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